Our New CIick & Fit Service!

Buying a suit from us? But unsure how its going to fit?

Make use of our new and exciting service that we are offering, which allows you to buy any suit online, and collect it in store. Allowing YOU the chance to try your suit on with our trained and certified fitters present, so that WE can tailor your suit to YOU, by our expert tailors for FREE!
We will shorten your sleeves and your trousers for absolutely nothing. Time scale? Don’t worry about it! WE GOT YOU!
(If that doesn’t make you feel like the next bond? let’s face it, nothing will!)


P.S We are the FIRST and ONLY to provide this service in South Wales. Providing you with the best service possible since 1969, so you do not want to miss out on this!


We know that there can be a lot to think about when planning a wedding, but its okay! Imagine a place that you could come and see us, and learn more about what we can offer you, whilst seeing other companies offering everything that you could need for your perfect day?

You can come and meet us at the following events, and for any more info, please just ask!

12th January – Towers Hotel

19th January – Craig Y Nos Castle

26th January – Dragon Hotel

2nd February – Margam Orangery

16th February – Liberty Stadium

5th April – Towers Hotel

19th April – Craig Y Nos Castle

26th April – Margam Orangery

10th May – Liberty Stadium

  • FREE to attend
  • Open between 11am and 3pm (unless stated on the event listing)


And at Hanson’s, only the best will do and that’s why we let our work, SPEAK FOR ITSELF!
Ever wondered what you could look like in a perfectly tailored suit, altered to FIT YOU? Stop wondering… start looking (for a suit from us) and at our gallery, which we have put together for you! To show you a few snaps of the thousands of happy customers, we leave strutting from our shop ever year!
We provide only the best menswear, partnered with the best tailors in the UK, to make sure we can suit and boot any man!

You’ve heard about the rest, now your ready to try the BEST!

We do! We understand the stresses of a larger wedding party (especially the cost), so let us help you… by offering you a FREE hire suit for every 6 suits you hire from us! And that’s just the start! If you hire with us, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES, that’s right! Shirts, ties, hankies, cuff-links and even our insurance is included in our unbeatable prices! We don’t even charge for fittings, CRAZY we know! But our service is second to none, and we only provide the BEST!

So why go anywhere else? SMART PEOPLE COME TO HANSON! 

Every man should own a great suit and a well fitting suit looks great on anyone, no matter age or size. But fit is everything and you’ll never find a better fitting suit than a bespoke suit.
Bespoke suits are not just about the clothing, it’s about a timeless signature look that will never fall out of style. Because how could it? Each item of bespoke clothing that we make, is designed specifically by the customer, with every detail taken into consideration, from the first stitch to the final!
When we say bespoke, WE MEAN IT! Each suit that we make is hand made from individual patterns, made from measurements which we will expertly take from the customer ourselves, before physically putting pen to paper (or pencil to pattern paper) And we will guide you through the whole process, from choosing the fabrics, to all the little extras that we can provide, and help you create the best fitting (and looking) suit that you WANT.

We understand that coming into a suit shop can be very over whelming, with so much choice and sometimes not understanding how a suit should fit. BUT DO NOT WORRY! WE DO NOT OUT SOURCE OUR TAILORING. All our tailors are on site, with at least one tailor being in store EVERYDAY! Which means, you can always speak to an expert for advice!

No matter how much a suit costs, a suit is only as good as it’s tailoring! and as professionally trained tailors, we allow our work to talk for itself. So why not have the best that a human hand can create?