Alterations & Repairs

Hanson: The Clothes People

We offer a fully comprehensive, gents and ladies alteration tailoring and repair service. In store fitting rooms are available and our experienced and expert team are on hand to advise you. All work is carried out in our own on site workshop. All our work is guaranteed.

For more information, call us on 01639 633046, or email: [email protected]

Collection and delivery service available.

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Jackets & Coats

Shorten Body Length
Shortening the length of a jacket or coat is mostly possible for both Men's and Women's garments. Expert advice can be given on each item individually.
Shorten, Lengthen and Slimming sleeves.
Whether your sleeves are open cuff or detailed, we have ways to shorten and slim your sleeves. We may also be able to lengthen your sleeves, depending on style.
Reducing Body
If your jacket is too big or you simply prefer a more fitted or tailored look, then we can help! Certain items can be made bigger but please ask for advice first.
Zip Replacement
We can replace zips of all kinds, within all items. If your time scale is limited, please contact us to make sure we stock a suitable zip.
General Repairs
Rips, tears, open seams or moth holes? We can repair a variety of items in many different ways! Come see us in store for our advice!

Skirts & Dresses

Shortening Length
From a summer dress to a wedding dress, we have a dress maker that can shorten them all! Come in store with your item for any advice.
Reducing size
If your dress is too big in the body or you just prefer a tighter fit, we can give you that perfect fit. Each item can be proffessionally pinned by our dress maker for perfection.
Waist Alterations
From Skirts to Prom Dresses, we can adjust the waist to take in or let it out to make you feel more confident within your garment.
Zip Replacements
Concealed zips or feature zips, we stock them all and have a very talented dress maker that can either replace or put in a new zip for you!
General Repairs
Re-Hemming or broken seams, we've seen them all and can repair the majority of all issues with dresses and skirts! Come see our dress maker with any issues you may have.

Trousers & Jeans

Shortening or Lengthening
Whether its shortening jeans or ski trousers, we have techniques to shorten them all! Come and see our qualified tailor about all types of shortening and lengthening.
Reduce/Let Out Waist
Inbetween sizes? Dont worry, we can easy let out or reduce the waist on your jeans and trousers. Bring in your item and have it professionally pinned, or give us your own measurement!
Brace Buttons, New Hook and Eye, Belts loops? We can make or replace them all! Our Tailors will always do all they can to make sure you walk away happy!
If your trousers are too wide? We got you! Prefer skinny fit? We got you! Just dont feel comfortable? Dont worry, come in store where our team of Tailors will be able to advise you on each individual item!
Zip Replacement
We keep a good stock of trouser and jean zips in store, so we are always ready and waiting to quickly and proffesionally replace your zips!
Pocket Replacement
Holes in your pockets? It's more common than you think, and our fully trained tailors can have you walking out with new pockets in your trousers before you know it. So never again will you not be able to put things in your pockets for fear of loosing them!
General Repairs
Whether you've scuffed your knee or have a thread bare seat, we know what its like to love your favourite pair of trousers! So bring them in for our tailors, so we can get them repaired and you back wearing them in no time!